V-17 Hours and Calendar

Facilities may be booked for private events or closed for maintenance. If you are planning a trip to Velocity 17 please call us to check that the track is available for public use. You can use the following calendar as a guide for planning your visit or checking availability  for booking a group event, but it is always advisable to call, as we do take bookings on short notice.

Summer Hours

Holiday Schedule

Tuesday-Thursday 1pm-10pm
1pm Jungle Jerries and Laser Open
5pm Kart Track Opens

Friday 1pm - 12 midnight
1pm Jungle Jerries and Laser Open
5pm Kart Track Opens
Midnight Close

Saturday 11am - 12 midnight
11amJungle Jerries and Laser Open
Noon – Kart Track Opens
Midnight Close

Sunday - 11am 7pm
11am Jungle Jerries and Laser Open
Noon Kart Track Opens
7pm Close



Holiday Opening Times 2011/2012

Tuesday 20th - 5pm to 9-30pm

Wednesday 21st - 5pm to 9-30pm

Thursday 22nd - 5pm to 9-30pm

Friday 23rd - 1pm to 11-30pm

Saturday 24th - 1pm to 5-30pm

Sunday 25th - CLOSED

Monday 26th - 1pm to 9-30pm

Tuesday 27th - 1pm to 9-30pm

Wednesday 28th - 1pm to 9-30pm

Thursday 29th - 1pm to 9-30pm

Friday 30th - 1pm to 11-30pm

Saturday 31st - 1pm to 5-30pm

Sunday 1st (2012) - 1pm to 9-30pm

Monday 2nd - CLOSED

Tuesday 3rd - 5pm to 9-30pm



1.  Velocity-17 can book your Private Event 7 days a week 365 days a year. Please call us for full information

2. The SALES Offices at Veloctiy-17 are open 7 days a week.

3. Pre-Booked Event hours are 8am -1am.

4. Attention Graduation committees Class of 2010: Book your party now! Call 201 994-1200 Ext. 202

Activity Closings

Activities may be closed from time to time for private events or maintenance. Please review the schedule below. To reserve the track for your group’s exclusive use call the Sales Office and speak to Eric on 201 994-1200 Ext. 202 Monday to Friday between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm.







Our New Location:
Fun Force NJ
551 Main Avenue
Wallington, NJ 07057

For further information please, call our sales office at 973-777-0767